When people get older, their back becomes curved, but not so much for the question of age, but because the baggage that each of us carries with him, loaded with all the experiences, becomes huge and heavy and harder to carry.
Anything that we live inevitably is included in there, beautiful or ugly, and we carry it with us because it becomes our property, to be used in every occasion. It is like traveling with a suitcase full of clothes that we source during existence, more they will be there and more we could dress appropriately for each situation. So every experience that we live becomes a new dress to add to the baggage we carry.

TravelBag is a set of experiences that I live every day in my journey, loaded to share them with everyone. His start date is June 12th, 2012, the day I arrived in London, the day where began for me a new life experience.

Enjoy it!

Simone Spedicato
Marco Sartori at Red Hook Criterium - Milan 2012
  1. Marco Sartori at Red Hook Criterium - Milan 2012

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